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Digital maps are available here, along with driving tips and instructions from the major incoming highways.

   We also provide specific instructions to get around the current traffic situation quickly and safely.

   Fort Washington Way (East/West between I-71, I-75, I-471, and U.S. 50 throught the downtown area) is being completely renovated. Currently, there are two lanes open each direction and heavy congestion is expected.

   For information on beating the jam, tune in to Highway Advisory Radio 530AM, or call 211 free from any phone within the local calling area or 513-333-3333 from outside the local calling are. Press 5* for up-to-the-minute recorded traffic information, Press 52* to leave a message or request more information, or Press 9* to hear bus and carpool information.

   You can find out information on the web at, provided by Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments or at, provided by the City of Cincinnati. Check out a couple of their maps for getting around!